Spiritual Crisis Hotline

“My coat warms the body but not the soul
And I’ll die a thousand deaths before I ever know
The meaning of my life lies deep within my soul.
O Lord how many tears to shed before I finally know?”

Understanding the meaning of life is the quintessential purpose of living. For many, without the gift of a relationship with Spirit and the tools to know our Self, life loses all sense of true meaning. Even at the best of times, without a spiritual understanding, life is filled with questionable intent. If one believes that they are a soul, developing our relationship with Spirit as the foremost purpose of life makes immediate sense.

The purpose of the Spiritual Crisis Hotline is to assist those questioning the purpose of life and their relationship to Spirit. If you or someone you know are in need of such help you are welcome to contact us. By doing so you will be taking the first step to begin a series of emails and at times, phone conversations, to help you with your specific situation.

The counsel you will be given will come from a yogic perspective. The teachings of yoga are uniquely qualified to provide meaningful answers to life’s most important questions. These answers are found through three aspects of Sanatana Dharma. Briefly explained, Sankhya discusses the unique problem we face, our sense of isolation and unfulfillment. Vedanta shares the experience derived from living a life in attunement with Spirit, and Yoga gives you the tools to realize your Inner Self.

Hotline Form

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