Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens (PAL&G) is a non-profit Spiritual Day Retreat Center located in the heart of Los Angeles. This beautiful sanctuary is a place to visit and spiritually renew yourself and enjoy nature. PAL&G is open to all, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual-orientation, age, or disability. PAL&G is their to promote peace and help you reconnect and renew spiritually in your own way. In addition to day visits, PAL&G offers workshops and classes about practical spiritually. There is no admission cost; sanctuary is free to enjoy.

John-Roger_DSSFor over 50 years, John Roger, Doctor of Spiritual Science, has traveled the world, guiding people to find the Spirit within themselves and teaching how to live a healthy, loving, peaceful, and rewarding life. In 1971, John Roger founded the nondenominational Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, through which he has shared the teachings of Soul Transcendence — knowing ourselves as a Soul and as one with God, not just in theory, but as a living reality.

PAL&G is the headquarters of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy.



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Prama Institute

The Prama Institute is a non-profit, holistic retreat center located on forested hilltops and grasslands surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains. It sits in Marshall, NC, near the French Broad River, about 25 minutes outside Asheville, NC. The scenic and peaceful surroundings create the perfect place for educational workshops, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, spiritual retreats, workplace seminars, and other events.

PramaBesides the high-quality retreats and workshops that the Institute organizes all year round, the facility is also available for rent to all types of groups, organizations, businesses, and individuals for personal retreats. Their experienced staff is available to offer you assistance with event planning, marketing, and registration.

Prama work in a sustainable community providing holistic education for people and planet. Plans are also underway to expand into a thriving eco-village that includes a yoga therapy clinic, organic farming, and other sustainable projects. Opened in 2012, the Prama Wellness Center has holistically treated hundreds of people for a wide range of health issues.



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The Walden Woods Project

The Walden Woods Project is headquartered in Lincoln, MA, in the heart of Walden Woods.The Walden Woods Project is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving the land, literature, and legacy of Henry David Thoreau through conservation, education, research and advocacy. Founded by recording artist Don Henley, the Project uses the land it has protected in Walden Woods to foster an ethic of environmental stewardship and social responsibility, both cornerstones of Thoreau’s philosophy.

Henry_David_Thoreau_-_Dunshee_ambrotpe_1861Henry David Thoreau lived in the mid-nineteenth century during turbulent times in America. He said he was born “in the nick of time” in Concord, Massachusetts, during the flowering of America when the transcendental movement was taking root and when the anti-slavery movement was rapidly gaining momentum. He was at once philosopher and naturalist; abolitionist and teacher; scientist and moralist; poet and surveyor; pencil maker and author.

Walden Woods is the 2,680-acre landscape 18 miles west of Boston that inspired Henry David Thoreau. Even if you never visit Walden Woods, you can sense the importance of protecting the place that cradled Thoreau’s philosophies and led to the American land ethic, the modern conservation movement, and their national parks system. They manage nearly 170 acres within Walden Woods and work to ensure that this national treasure remains a model of preservation and conservation to inspire an international ethic of environmental stewardship for generations to come.



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