Meditation Mount

Meditation Mount is located approximately 90 miles northwest of the Los Angeles airport, and 30 miles inland from the coast in Ojai, California. The mission of Meditation Mount, a nonprofit organization, is to promote the building of an enlightened and compassionate world through the power of Creative Meditation, inspirational educational programs, and community-based events focused on the practical application of the following universal spiritual principles: Right Human Relations, Goodwill, Group Endeavor, Unanimity, Spiritual Approach, and Essential Divinity.

Meditation Mount2Meditation Mount was the creative idea of Florence Garrigue who lived at the Mount and oversaw all activities. When Florence retired in 1943, she moved to New York to join the Arcane school, an institution for esoteric studies founded by Alice A. Bailey. After 10 years there, she and a group of friends started the School for Esoteric Studies in New York, which is still active. She then became a member of a small informal group of individuals from several countries who met in England for the purpose of fostering meditation to benefit the world.

Meditation Mount has functioned an educational center offering spiritual programs that enhance the awakening of the human soul in all aspects of social endeavor. Daily and monthly Full Moon Meditations are the important part of daily rhythm in the Mount’s life. Programs and group meditations focus on the embodiment of universal spiritual principles as a cornerstone upon which a new global civilization will be built.



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