Spiritual Crisis Hot Line – An Introduction

By John Ernst on

In my younger days I used to work on Crisis Phone Lines helping people who were on drug overdoses, lonely or distraught. The purpose of this hotline is not too different, but is meant particularly for those who are in spiritual crisis, which is to say, questioning the purpose of life and their relationship to Spirit.

The teachings of Yoga are uniquely qualified to provide wonderful life-saving answers to those questions.  These answers are found through three aspects of Sanatana Dharma – Sankhya, Vedanta and Yoga. Briefly explained, Sankhya discusses the unique problem we face, our sense of isolation and unfulfillment. Vedanta shares the experience derived from living a life in attunement with Spirit, and Yoga gives you the tools to realize your Inner Self.

Once developed, the Hotline website will discuss these topics as well as have spiritual counselors available by phone and email to ease the burden of those who call.

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